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Authentic and delightful

Embark on a culinary journey

Chef Thomas Breton and his brigade invites you to discover his bistronomic, local and seasonal cuisine. From gourmet dishes to tapas, Le Jardin de Penthes offers you a culinary journey at the gates of Geneva.
Experience local, Mediterranean and Asian flavors prepared with passion.


The chef, his bistronomic, local and seasonal cuisine

Having worked as a chef at the Délice Ange’Vin Restaurant in Grand-Saconnex, Geneva, the chef has a great deal of experience, including internships at the Michelin-starred Domaine des Hautes Roches in Rochecorbon and at the Brasserie Buret in Tours, France, the Elms Hotel and SPA 4 in the UK and the Schazer Adler Hotel 4 in Germany.
It’s hard to do more local because the Chef is Pregnotes-Chambésiens and thus contributes to lowering our carbon footprint!

Thomas Breton

photo du chef cuisinier du restaurant le Jardin de Penthes à GEnève

The menu